How can we protect ourselves best?

A coronavirus is actually the name for a set of illnesses, including the common cold and other respiratory infections. A novel coronavirus means it’s a new virus that originated in animals but has jumped to humans. This particular 2019 novel coronavirus is called COVID-19.

So are we all at risk for catching COVID-19?

Yes, we are, but we know it typically causes flu-like symptoms, including fever, cough, and congestion. Some people, particularly the elderly and the one with chronic health conditions (20%), develop a severe form of pneumonia while others (80%) get what feels like a really bad cold. Some doesn’t even notice any symptoms. 

What should people be more concerned about, the seasonal flu or COVID-19?

You’re more likely to catch the flu than this coronavirus, in terms of what you’d be more likely to pick up if you were out running errands today. 
But don’t panic, there’s a lot you can do to protect you from getting influenza after you’ve been exposed. Keeping your hygiene standards high like washing and sanitizing hands more often, avoiding touching your face, no handshakes and a healthy, balanced diet (including supplements like zinc, cistus and manuka honey) makes it hard for any influenza virus to get into your body. 🦠🤧😷

Source: UChicago Medicine

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